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The Caño Negro Wetland is one of the most dynamic and biodiverse ecosystems in Costa Rica

Live the
Caño Negro Experience

The natural & cultural richness make
Caño Negro a special place
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The Wildlife Refuge 



Tropical Humid Forest

Looking for sustainability

Many thanks to our friend Sergey Sapovalovs 

Many thanks to our friends Bastiaan & Yolanda 

"Through ecotourism we can raise awareness among citizens, we can generate sources of work in local communities and we can conserve these ecosystems in a better way".

Renato Paniagua

"This project is our opportunity to contribute to biodiversity conservation in Caño Negro. With environmental education and research projects we want people (children, youth and adults) to be inspired to give their best contribution to nature".

Tatiana Guerrero 

    Who we are 

We specialize in provide a unique and harmonious experience in observing the representative birds, as well as wildlife, flora and ecosystems present in the north wetlands of the country, 

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Caño Negro Experience Nature Tours has three main goals:

(1)Develop authentic ecotourism that allow  to our visitors a real and unique experience with nature and local people.

(2) Establish an environmental education program for local children. Besides support local processes to promote a good coexistence with nature. 

(3) Develop and promote research projects in the wetland to expand our knowledge about this important place and make appropriate decisions in the face of a changing future on our planet.


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