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Blockchain & Ecoturism
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Our commitment is with communities and environment. Your visit promotes the local economy and  conservation of Caño Negro area. We work together with more than 16 local entrepreneurships to provide you the best services and unforgettables and unique experiences

Environmental education
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Education is the best way to achieve the nature conservation. Knowing, understanding, respecting and valuing our environment will become aware people. We share with groups of students from school and universities who visit us to learn about  environmental and social dynamics. In 2021 we started the environmental education program "Viaje al aprendizaje", it  is designed exclusively for Caño Negro. In this first stage our goal is to reach teachers and children from 6 to 12 years old in five communities.  READ MORE

We are part of the World Migratory Bird Day!

Our commitment is that local people know more about birds and nature conservation. It is an action of every day but we are happy to be part of this incredible job.

Field research
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To conserve we must know. In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, we were part of the Caño Negro annual bird count.  The purpose of this activitie is to highlight the ecological value and strengthen local capacities for greater appropriation of the protected area.  We have registered 377 species until now! and we are ready for this 2022

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From July to December of each year we do the "Pájaro campana count" in Caño Negro.  This amazing bird arrive to Caño Negro as part of its annual altitudinal migration. 

Our goal is promote its  conservation and its habitat.


We thank to the Ornithological Association of Costa Rica for supporting us financially with the monitoring project of the Three-wattled Bellbird in Caño Negro

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