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We want to give you a real experience. We work in a chain with more than ten local enterprises to carry out our tours and packages successfully.

Our goal is to diversify the activities that can be carried out in Caño Negro involving the largest amount of local initiatives. Highlighting the importance of ecosystems, animals, plants and a rural life within wonderful landscapes.

All our services aim to support and strengthen local development and contribute to the conservation of the different ecosystems present in the area


Birding Caño Negro Wetland

3 hours by boat special for birdwatching. 

We will visit the Frío river, lagoons and forests around the wetland.   

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Ecological Tour

3 hours of a boat tour through the most representative places around the wetland to observe the wildlife and particularities of Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge.

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Birding Medio Queso Wetland

We will have a short trip to the Medio Queso wetland to begin 2 hour boat tour. On the way we will stop in some really nice points for birding

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Nocturnal Walk

2 hours of a hike on trails of a Tropical Humid Forest where surprise, colors and the strangest forms is the main attraction

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Caño Negro Forest Walk

2 hours of a hike on Tropical Humid Forest trails in search all the wildlife of Caño Negro offer us. 

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Cacao Natural

Cocoa is an important part of the history of Caño Negro. Learn about this history and the process of making handmade chocolate in one of the farms that still grows this delicious fruit

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Jaguar Trails

A long boat trip, an extensive hike and the stories of the " el tigre" in Caño Negro. Know the reality of the Jaguar while we enter its territory

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Hiking Río Frío Viejo

We move by boat to the old Frío river flow where we will undertake a hiking in one of the best ecosystems of Caño Negro. 6 hours

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Customs & Nature

We will know the particular Caño Negro lifestyle through a visit to one of the farms that are within the protected area, which is normal for being a Mixed Category Refuge.

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Pottery Tour

Guanacaste & Culture

Soon... please ask us if you are interested

Ask for our special rates for groups
* We can make a personalize itinerary for you in Caño Negro and others places in Costa Rica
* Please let us know if you need a transfer service from any part of Costa Rica to Caño Negro 
The quality of our service is the most important thing for us, For this reason, please made your reservations with at least 48 hours in advance.
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