There is no bank and no ATM in Caño Negro. We highly  recommend to bring enough cash (colones or dollars) for your stay. The payment with credit card is available in some establishments. Your chance to withdraw cash would be Los Chiles or Upala.

There is a bus service three times a day from Los Chiles and from Upala 

    From Los Chiles to Caño Negro (26 km):

    05:00 am - 12:00 md 

    From Upala to Caño Negro (35 km):

    04:15 am - 12:00 md

To enter Caño Negro, you must go through a gravel road (19km entering by Los Chiles or 25 km entering by Upala). You can enter with any type of car.  The most common routes are:

La Fortuna - Caño Negro

San José - Caño Negro

In Caño Negro the climate is always hot and humid. It has a rainy season (June to December), where the lagoons and the river are full of water and a dry season (January to April) where the lagoons are completely dry, leaving only the Frío river with water. It is certainly good to visit Caño Negro at any time of the year, but the months from January to April are the ones with the highest concentration of migratory birds.

It is advisable to bring light clothing, sun protection and mosquitos repellent. If you visit us between May and December, prepare yourself for rain and mud.

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Recommendations to deal with coronavirus, please don't forget your face mask, keep the social distancing during your trip & wash your hand before and after go into a place.

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